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Enzo Concrete London Ontario | Our History

enzo concrete london ontario

enzo concrete london ontario


From 1880-1915 there was a mass exodus of Italians from the homeland to America, and some made it, albeit, mistakenly to the Canadian border.  By 1915, 60,000 Italians were now Canadian citizens, and after the second world war, the boom was exponential.  450,000 Italians called Canada home and the 'Ward' community in Toronto grew quickly to accommodate the influx of seasonal workers.  Enzo immigrated in this time and set his roots deep in the concrete industry.  Bringing his knowledge and trade skills from Italy, he quickly gained employment to the major railroad companies doing their concrete projects. 

Enzo then moved to London after meeting  and marrying Ivana.  And here's where the story gets interesting.  Enzo had one child named Gino who worked for his father and mastered the art and trade of concrete finishing.  His close childhood friend Jeff, also mastered the trade and quickly became the brainchild of concrete, eclipsing his master Enzo and dominating the skills of Gino.  The two friends went their separate ways after that.

Jeff recently teamed up with Chris, a close friend, whom owns and operates London's largest home services company.  The two together have launched Enzo Concrete, which preserves and commemorates Enzo's teachings and quality concrete tradesman-ship.

Enzo Concrete comes highly recommended, holds $5 million in liability coverage, full WSIB, and is a pillar in London's community.  Trust is a magnificent thing, and rest assured you are in great shape when choosing Enzo.  Our team of highly skilled craftsman will turn your concrete project into your dream driveway, patio, or porch.


Concrete London

If you are still searching for a concrete company, do not hesitate to call our friendly local London Ontario phone number 519-204-ENZO (3696).  Other concrete companies are good, we are amazing to deal with.  Never an unsatisfied customer in London Ontario concrete for Enzo.

Enzo Concrete

The Enzo 'touch' for concrete has been serving London and area for years.   Just call and see the difference.  Our office is here for you 6 days a week, 8am-8pm ready to assist you.  Even our call agent has 10 years experience in the concrete London Ontario industry.  Call for a free estimate - Guaranteed 48 hr after scheduling you will have a quote.

Concrete Prices

If you are looking for concrete prices in London Ontario, please call us.  We provide free estimates within 48 hrs of scheduling with our call agent.  If we do not show up within 48 hrs of your scheduled estimates you can be eligible for a $500 discount off your concrete project! Call ENZO - Experience, Precision, Trust.